שלום, במה נוכל לעזור?

Test results of the Standards Institute Of Israel.

MAZKK’s stylish face masks have been tested for their level of protection and approved by the Standards Institute Of Israel As Tested And Approved Medical Grade Face Masks.

On days like these when the market is flooded with countless types of masks for Covid, we all want to know that we are choosing the best mask for our needs.
On a recent publication from a test that was made by the Standards Institute of Israel for reusable cloth face masks, it was determined that reusable cloth face masks do not meet the minimum requirements according to the leading world standards, with that said and known, most of the world population have chosen the surgical and the N95 disposable face masks for gaining maximum protection against Covid.
We at MAZKK, have placed the quality and protection effectiveness of our reusable cloth face masks on top priority from day one, while ensuring the comfort and the best choice of materials for ourselves, our loved ones and our valued customers.
We wanted to create the highest standard fabric face masks that would be an everyday, stylish and fashionable item to brighten our day in the current era and we were not prepared for it to come at the expense of uncompromising protection.
Today, after development and investment in both the level of protection and the level of comfort, we are excited to announce our success in producing the first reusable cloth face mask of its kind in the entire world!

Reusable cloth face masks that are both made of fabric and also provides the highest level of protection as Medical Grade Face Mask!

This development made the MAZKK brand to be the only and first brand in the world to produce stylish and fashionable fabric face masks that meets the standards of Medical Grade Face Masks and the N95 standard, And all under the inspection and approval of the Standards Institute of Israel.
Tired of the disposable surgical masks that you change every day? Do you want to upgrade the look with a stylish face mask that can be washed and reused? Now it’s possible! All our reusable fabric face masks have proudly and successfully passed the world standards test of medical surgical masks.
Medical team staff, airlines personnel and at high-risk medically citizens. From today, our famous Olson face mask model can also be ordered in N95 mask standard for uncompromising protection in a variety of existing spectacular colors and special custom made designs to order.
All our models were tested in a non-N95 level filtration efficiency test (according to the standard of medical surgical masks) and the filtration results (3 microns) are:

SHIELD model for adults: 99.9%
SHIELD model Children: 100%
RIDER model for adults: 99.8%
RIDER model Children: 99.8%
OLSON Adults: 99.9%

In addition, our Olson face mask model was also tested at the N95 protection standard grade and passed with a result of: 96.53%

We at MAZKK are happy to know that we have succeeded in the task of creating a truly top quality product for you!


SII test report

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