The Olson Mask Story

The Olson mask is named after legendary creator and nurse Lila Mae Olson who created and developed the mask together with Unity Point Health clinicians and is now widely used by medical workers in hospitals around the world and helps in the fight against corona virus (COVID19).

The design of our mask consists of four layers (the original Olson mask consists of only two layers, to which we added two more for maximum protection), It includes a layer of filter cloth (The same material used for the medical N95 masks), two layers of cotton (non-woven), which has also proved its effectiveness in blocking the micro particles, and finally, a layer of lycra fabric that is not as effective as the other three layers, but is responsible for the design and beauty that makes the mask a fashionable item that spreads some light in this dark hour.

The mask also includes an internal pocket for inserting a one-time disposable filter, for those who want additional protection in addition to the existing protection in the mask itself.

At present, we at Maskk believe that the best way to stay protected is by staying home and minimize our outdoors activities except for important things that leaves us no choice but to leave the house. If you must go outside, then the Olson mask is by far the most recommended multi use mask!

May we all stay healthy and go through this period with ease and peace!

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