Before you buy a multi-use mask it is important to know!

A styled mask is a cool thing but not when it comes at the expense of protecting your health.

Today, most of the multi-use fabric masks that are sewn in the country and probably even in the entire world do not contain the materials needed to protect those who wear them and do not meet the minimum requirements!

Maskk’s multifunctional fabric masks are washable and reusable and contain the necessary protection materials without compromising their beauty.

All our masks contain:
1. At least one layer of nonwoven cotton fabric that blocks 90% of the particles in the air.
2. A thick, high-quality filter cloth that is the fabric from which the N95 surgical masks are sewn.
3. One layer of decorative fabric for beauty and uniqueness.

Before you buy a mask, make sure one of its layers is a quality filter cloth layer!

Maskk manufactures its masks according to strict international requirements and among our leading models you will find the famous Olson model which is widely used by medical service workers worldwide.

No matter where you decide to purchase your multi-purpose fabric mask, make sure that the mask you purchase contains the materials needed to protect your health! Don’t compromise when it comes to health.

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